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...beautiful prose, detailed descriptions, and well-chosen puns. Her story is one of tragedy and hardship, but also of triumph, friendship, hope, and love... Amara's story and philosophy are amazing, and will undoubtedly educate and inspire any reader.

Jillian Behan

Amara pours her heart out and shares her wisdom page after page which is incredibly refreshing and helped me put situations in my own life into perspective. Once I started reading I couldn't put it down...

Jessica Esposito

This story really blew me away! When you're down on your luck and just need a pick me up this is sure to do just that. Reading about the passion Amara has for life and relationships despite the cards she has been dealt puts life into a new perspective.

Courtney Andrade

A book to read over and over again... This beautiful book that has given me reason to slow down, nourish my soul through words... From tragedy to inspiration, this book is a must read for everyone.

Giovanna Mazzariello

Such an inspirational message about perseverance and remaining positive through challenges and difficult times.

Rachel Couture

This story reminds me to be appreciative of the little joys life brings and never take things for granted.

Rebecca Whitney

Amara and her family infuse us with the true meaning of Faith, Hope and Charity. Amara gives us the gifts of inspiration, and perseverance. I am in awe of her!

Lisa Marie Farentelli

Poignant, powerful, and beautifully written... well worth reading and sharing with others.

Diego Jourdan Periera

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